The time for change has arrived. We know that our system does not work, our kids are being killed, and in our existing deadlock where lobbyist money owns our politicians, we see only deflection and misdirection. It's gotten so bad, that today we have take and high school children being forced to stand on Washington. Enough is enough. The opportun… Read More

Unwifeable is a memoir by Mandy Stadtmiller. There were times I was reaching out to different people from my past for the book, and it was excruciating, and Pat was side-eyeing me sometimes like, ‘Is that really necessary or are you just making an excuse to reach out to some dude you hooked up with years ago?' But it also led to a lot of really … Read More

Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing puzzle piece to perfecting your outfit. The only way to remedy this is to start wearing a correct bra. To find your band size, use a soft tape measure and wrap it around your torso, directly underneath your breasts. Although we weren't able to find any ha… Read More

SafeCity Security is the leading security camera camera producer and implementing security alternatives found in countries like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Yemen for industrial, commercial and oil & gas reliability.SafeCity Security is probably the primary UAE security companies, which is providing security alternatives including CC… Read More

Your first Forex trading transactions should be small. These transactions should be done with the likes of PayPal or eBold. You can also search for a broker that is willing to offer educational support. Some brokers will work with Paypal and some will even allow you to start with transactions as low as $1.Key indicators will confirm that the ends o… Read More